My new secret weapon!

Every person has those problem areas we all do not like. We all want tight and even skin. With working out I noticed that the skin around my stomach and back and inner thighs needed to be improved. I did some research online and found this product called Sweet Sweat that a lot of fitness competitors used and gave great reviews. Basically, you rub it on your problem areas and while you work out it’s supposed to increase the thermogenic e ect that helps burn calories, stimulate sweat glands to remove more toxins, fights muscle fatigue and improve circulation.

After the first time I used it I noticed that after working out my skin appeared more soft and smooth, after my second workout I noticed that my shirt I normally wear working out was wet around my abdominal area. Bonus! This stuff gives off a nice light aroma so it’s not too noticeable you are wearing it.

I’ll update you with my results after two weeks!



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