Woohoo! Week 1 Complete!

Oh man! That was an awesome week! Filled with challenges, self realizations and confidence in myself, knowing that I was able to mentally overcome my challenges. The hardest thing about this workout was to be ‘mindful’ of your workout. A lot of people are so busy with their work and personal life it’s hard to shut that part of your brain off and just focus on one thing at a time. I’ve tried to just focus on each rep and what my body is feeling during each range of motion at the gym. This week I think I’m going to disable any calls or texts during my workouts so I am not distracted.

Another thing I noticed that work, life and travelling a lot should not be an excuse to eat poorly. This week I prepped my meals and took a cooler to work and when I’m out of the house so I can stay on track. This has a) saved me money and b) kept me on my goals. Of course we have our moments of weakness but those are challenges that are mental that need to be overcome.

Today I started Week 2 – Day 1 which is basically the same workouts I did last week. The only thing I’m changing is now I’ve lowered the step risers to do push-ups meaning I got stronger doing them and I’m closer to my goal of doing sets of push-ups.

Today I’m meal prepping and going to
post my before and after photos of my Lean Bella workout!

Have a super great Sunday!


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