Day 3 – Rest day / Day 4 – Cardio and Abs!

Okay so these two days were pretty easy, no lifting whatsoever. I’m glad for this two day ‘rest’ because my muscles have been super sore!

I’ve never fine only ’20’ minutes of cardio so I actually did 30 minutes instead. The ab workouts they gave have been challenging which is what I need for a bikini ready stomach.

The meal plan was good! I didn’t cheat once for these two days. It consisted of the following;

Breakfast: 3 pieces of chicken bacon and 4 egg whites

Snack: protein shake with half bacon

Lunch: 6oz grilled chicken breast and asparagus

Snack: handful of nuts

Dinner: turkey burger and green beans

It’s a struggle if I stay up any later than 9:30 pm because I want to snack on something while watching tv. So, I found an easy way to combat that…I just go to bed earlier 😂


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