4 week countdown – Day 1 Lean Bella program

Hey everyone!

I thought I would share my 4 week Lean Bella program. I decided to try this program after seeing amazing results from real people…no fitness professionals, no personal trainers (well so they say), to see if this really works on any body, specifically mine.

You purchase the product through the Lean Bella website and it’s a very easy purchase either via credit card or Paypal. It was $14.99. Quickly after my purchase I received an email from my ‘personal’ fitness advisor who greeted me with positive enthusiasm and a few questions so they can tailor my workout. I told them my struggles with other plans and my challenges of not being able to get to a gym.

A few days later I received an 8 page workout plus clean eating plan that was super easy to follow. There were no foods I couldn’t pronounce nor was there any fancy supplements they told me to purchase. They also mentioned that if I needed to adjust my plan because the weight was too heavy or the exercises were tough due to let’s say mobility issues I could email them back for them to adjust it at no extra charge. Sounds pretty good!

Off I go to the gym for Day 1. I’m going to list the pros and cons…

– a laid out plan to take any guesswork out
– simple workouts that any novice, semi-intermediate gym go-er could understand
– it was challenging but it was not too much that I wanted to give up half way
– took me about 36 minutes to do the weight lifting part and I burned 170 calories according to my Polar watch and I was at a steady 115-120 bpm perfect fat burning bpm.

– burpees!!! There were only 15 to do but still 😦
– push-ups. Not my strongest exercise but it made me realize I have to push myself. Instead of doing full push-ups which I can only do 5 of I decided to do incline push-ups against an elevated step you use for step aerobics. I put 6 raisers on each side. My plan said to do 3 sets of 15 regular push ups and 3 sets of 8 diamond push-ups. Man did that ever work my triceps!

All in all my plan created a challenge and it created variety that I did not get bored. I did however get distracted by a young man and woman who were trying to flirt with each other while working out. It was painful to watch…there was a lot of eye rolling going on for me but hey what can you do!

Until tomorrow which is Day 2 Legs and core! Have a great day!!!



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