Meal Prep !

Well I’m 8 months out from a competition and starting a strict diet. I’ve started to put together meals I never knew I would put together. My mentality has been changed to eating to fuel my body instead of eating for flavour.

Today’s lunch time meal was an angus burger grilled on the George Foreman and brown rice with no seasoning.

Thank gosh for Quest bars!!

8 more months!!!




Just got my consultant status! I love Isagenix, its products and being able to help others! They just introduced a new salted caramel protein bar! I’m super excited where all this amazing nutrition will take me! If you want more information on these amazing products check out my Isagenix website.

Have an amazing night!


My new secret weapon!

Every person has those problem areas we all do not like. We all want tight and even skin. With working out I noticed that the skin around my stomach and back and inner thighs needed to be improved. I did some research online and found this product called Sweet Sweat that a lot of fitness competitors used and gave great reviews. Basically, you rub it on your problem areas and while you work out it’s supposed to increase the thermogenic e ect that helps burn calories, stimulate sweat glands to remove more toxins, fights muscle fatigue and improve circulation.

After the first time I used it I noticed that after working out my skin appeared more soft and smooth, after my second workout I noticed that my shirt I normally wear working out was wet around my abdominal area. Bonus! This stuff gives off a nice light aroma so it’s not too noticeable you are wearing it.

I’ll update you with my results after two weeks!


IFBB National Qualifiers – Show Review

Omg the most amazing show! I watched the IFBB National Qualifiers show last weekend and boy was I blown away by the sportsmanship, dedication, perseverance, humbleness and positivity that the competitors displayed! It definitely has encouraged me to really learn more about the competitions and the different federations of body building! Of course I went and had my cheat meal of Five Guys burgers 😊

I’m super excited that I’m meeting a trainer tonight! Eeks! I’m so excited to learn and reach new goals!





Week 4 results!

Woohoo I completed 4 weeks with Lean Bella and Isagenix and I feel better than ever!

I haven’t been posting lately since I’ve been travelling a lot and I have been busy with work. However, I’m back on track now.

Been an amazing 4 week journey! I’ve been coaching others on getting fit and healthy and they’ve had amazing results while being on Isagenix. Total weight so far lost with my two new team members is 15lbs! Excited to help them coach them to succeed with their nutrition goals 😊